K-Tech Transfer Center

K-Tech Transfer and IP Commercialization Center (KTTC) is a space for IP owners, IP buyers and IP professionals dedicated to commercializing technology, collaborating with industry, and fostering entrepreneurship.

IP has often been portrayed as either an undervalued or underleveraged asset. The various means IP owners have at their disposal to commercialize their IP, be it patent brokerage, IP sales or licensing.

As patent ownership grows, it is increasingly significant to identify the various mechanisms available to rights holders to commercialize their patents for wealth generation, growth and innovation. KTTC explores the variety of patent commercialization techniques that exist and assess the extent to which they promote revenue streams for IP owners as well as IP buyers.

KTTC formally transfers a diverse portfolio of inventions from the University and Institutions to the industrial sector. These activities include evaluation of inventions, industry marketing, licensing of intellectual property rights, and support to other University units in university-industry research collaboration matters.

KTTC develops strategies for inventions in the client’s portfolio from initial receipt to final disposition, and will work on all commercial activities of the technologies under their responsibility.