K-Futures Center

The K-Futures Center (KFC) offers office space, counseling and support services.

When you’re searching for a way to set up and develop your startup in the United States, there are many advantages to coming to the KFC. The KFC offers everything your startup needs to grow and flourish. Access all-inclusive amenities and business support services for a flat monthly fee. The KFC service assists foreign startups in establishing a U.S. subsidiary, in order to introduce their products and services to the U.S. market.

The KFC is a business development center designed to help startups grow and achieve maximum success. Located in Tysons Corner, the KFC provides furnished office space, internet, telephone and receptionist services, access to business advisors, networking opportunities, and quality educational programs offered by partners in the KOUSE Center.

At the KFC, our resident entrepreneurs receive essential business support services. As a client of the KFC, you will have direct access, at no additional cost, to the business counselors in specific programs. The KFC also provides vital referrals to service providers in the “Friends of the KOUSE” professional network trusted experts who can help your startup grow.

The KFC provides invaluable assistance by setting up and monitoring mutually agreed upon milestones, tracking your financial results, analyzing any shortcomings, and providing recommendations for improvement. Upon achievement of milestones, your startup will graduate from the program within a period of 1 to 3 years.

K-Futures Center (KFC) can help Korean SMEs enter the US market. KFC has relationships with US companies, covering all technology areas. KFC has strong business relationships with companies throughout the entire US. KFC frequently travels throughout the country, meeting with government agencies and companies, including New York, Silicon Valley, Boston, Chicago, Seattle, Miami, Los Angeles, San Diego, Las Vegas, etc.

KFC can help Korean SMEs with strategic relationships, sales, business development, and partnering with US companies. KFC can assist with developing unique and tailored strategies for entering the US market, based on your SME’s goals. KFC employees have experience with researching, applying for and successfully being awarded US government contracts, South American, European, African, Asian, foreign, World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) government contracts, United Nations government contracts, etc. KFC frequently attends conferences and trade shows. KFC can help market and sell your SME’s products and services at conferences and trade shows.

KFC employees have sales, business development, and marketing experience. KFC employees have experience selling software, hardware, physical goods, legal services, consulting services, etc. KFC employees have sold to US companies, global companies, law firms, government research institutions, universities, nonprofits, etc. Therefore, KFC can prepare government bid proposals for Korean SMEs. KFC can research and identify available government contracts to apply for, based on the Korean SMEs’ products and services. KFC can introduce Korean SMEs to KFC’s business contacts located throughout the US, to help the Korean SMEs grow and expand into the US market.

KFC has close, personal relationships with current and former government contracts employees. Therefore, these contacts at government agencies give KFC an advantage in knowing tips on how to properly apply for US government contracts. The government contracts process is a complex process. Therefore, understanding the inner workings of the US government contracts process is valuable in determining an overall strategy. This will help to improve the quality of the government contract proposals, thereby increasing the chances of being awarded US government procurement contracts.

KFC has experience with steps and methods SMEs can take, in order to NOT have to compete with the general public, in bidding for US government contracts. There are actually steps SMEs can take to apply for US government contracts, without having to compete with other companies/competitors. KFC has a track record of successfully being awarded US government contracts in many different industries/technology areas in many different US government agencies. Therefore, KFC looks forward to helping your SME enter the US market and win US government procurement contracts.

KFC can provide Korean SMEs with a physical office in KFC’s incubator center in Vienna, Virginia. Vienna, Virginia is located 20 minutes from Washington, DC. In order to win US government contracts, Korean companies need a physical US office. It is important for the US representative office to be located in the Washington, DC metro area, since the US government prefers awarding government contracts to companies located in the Washington, DC metro area. The reason is the US government wants to ensure that the government contractor can easily come in-person to service the contract, answer questions in-person, and train US government employees. The US government wants to be able to meet with the government contractor in-person, as much as possible.

The US government prefers awarding US government contracts to US companies, such as for cybersecurity and network security. Therefore, if Korean SMEs add a physical office in the US, then this will increase the chances of the SME winning and being awarded US government contracts.