IP Business Center

IP Business Center (IPBC) offers office space, counseling and support services.

One of the big concern in the IP (Intellectual Property) service provider sector in Korea could be the market size is still small compared with the size of other IP5 (US, EP, JP, CN and KR) countries. Therefore, Korean IP service companies need to find market opportunities in leading countries such as U.S., Europe, or China, and explore “strategic options” for its IP business.

U.S. is a biggest market in leading industries such as life sciences, healthcare (medical devices, pharmaceuticals, and biotechnology), industrial chemicals, IT components, semiconductor manufacturing equipment, aerospace/defense, energy, environmental technology, and transportation, to name only a few.  Accordingly, there are a lot of business opportunities in IP service industry.

Korean IP service companies should learn about barriers to market entry and local requirements, i.e., things to be aware of when entering the market for the United States. Korean companies also need partnering with local U.S. companies and IP industries to expand market opportunities from Korea to the United States. U.S. remains the world’s biggest IP industry nation, with strong IP protection infrastructure.

When you’re searching for a way to set up and develop your IP business company in the United States, there are many advantages to coming to the IPBC. The IPBC offers everything your business needs to grow and flourish. Access all-inclusive amenities and business support services for a flat monthly fee. The IPBC service assists foreign businesses in establishing a U.S. subsidiary, in order to introduce their products and services to the U.S. market.

The IPBC is a business development center designed to help Korean IP businesses grow and achieve maximum success. Located in Tysons Corner, the IPBC provides furnished office space, internet, telephone and receptionist services, access to business advisors, networking opportunities, and quality educational programs offered by partners in the KOUSE center.

The IPBC has close, personal relationships with current and former government contracts employees. Therefore, these contacts at government agencies give IPBC an advantage in knowing tips on how to properly apply for USPTO government contracts. The government contracts process is a complex process. Therefore, understanding the inner workings of the USPTO government contracts process is valuable in determining an overall strategy. This will help to improve the quality of the government contract proposals, thereby increasing the chances of being awarded USPTO government procurement contracts.